SEPA Direct Debit

An EU initiative, SEPA (Single European Payments Area), harmonises direct debit payments across all relevant eurozone markets. This guarantees consumers the same level of security, convenience and ease when making payments across 36 countries.

All SEPA Banks that offer Euro-denominated direct debits are covered, and because it is a regulated payment method, prices remain constant for merchants, no matter where they are located.

Consumers make payments by completing a direct debit mandate provided by the merchant, including their BIC and IBAN ( the unique identifier for the consumer’s bank, branch and account).

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Availability Available with PPRO
Type Bank transfer
Company behind LPM SEPA
Market share details 20 bn direct debit bank transfer payments per year
Market relevance High

Why SEPA Direct Debit

Accepting SEPA direct debit helps merchants achieve high conversion rates, control cash flow by collecting payments when they want, ensures consumers pay on time, and reduces admin complexity with PPRO offering a fully managed service.
More than 529 million citizens live in SEPA markets and make 20 billion direct debit bank transfer payments a year.
Consumers avoid the risk of missing a payment deadline and incurring charges or not receiving goods/services while merchants can boost subscription revenue with one of the most recognisable payment methods in the euro-zone.

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