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Payment methods in Netherlands

Here are the top takeaways you need to know about the Dutch e-commerce market:

  • Almost one fifth of retail spending in the Netherlands is now online. In 2023, that came to US$43 billion and is expected to rise to US$63 billion by 2027.
  • The average Dutch online shopper spends US$2,536 a year with e-commerce merchants. By 2027, this is expected to rise to US$3,634.
  • The Dutch buy almost 40% of their online purchases using a mobile device.
  • The Dutch use cards to pay for just 14% of all online transactions. The most popular digital payment method is the bank-transfer method iDEAL, which has a 58% market share.
  • The Dutch make 16% of their online purchases, worth US$6.2 billion, with e-commerce merchants based outside of the country.
Online Population
B2C E-commerce
Banked Population
Credit Card Population
E-commerce of Total Retail

Payment Method Breakdown

  • Card 14%
  • Cash 1%
  • Bank Transfer 62%
  • E-Wallet 11%
  • Other 12%
[{"label":"Card","value":"14"},{"label":"Cash","value":"1"},{"label":"Bank Transfer","value":"62"},{"label":"E-Wallet","value":"11"},{"label":"Other","value":"12"}]

Card Scheme Breakdown

  • Visa 5%
  • Mastercard 94%
  • American Express 0%
  • Local schemes 0%
  • Other 0%
[{"label":"Visa","value":"5"},{"label":"Mastercard","value":"94"},{"label":"American Express","value":"0"},{"label":"Local schemes","value":"0"},{"label":"Other","value":"0"}]

Cross-Border E-Commerce


Online shoppers who have shopped cross-border


Cross-border proportion of total e-commerce

6.2 bn $US

Value of cross-border e-commerce

Top cross-border shopping origin markets