Founded in Sweden in 2008, Trustly meets the high demand for bank transfer payments in key European markets.

With Trustly, consumers can initiate payments directly from their bank accounts, using a highly secure payment option, with no risk of stolen details or fraud.

During the online checkout process, the customer selects their bank, logs into their online banking, chooses the account from which they wish to pay, and then verifies the purchase through their existing online banking interface.

Trustly integrates with banks to collect funds locally across Europe and offers real-time reconciliation through proprietary integrations to these accounts.

Trustly natively supports payments on merchant checkout and is optimised for all devices. Furthermore, merchants receive instant credit notifications when payments are completed.

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Availability Available with PPRO
Type Bank transfer
Company behind LPM Trustly Group AB
Market share details More than 30 m payments processed in 2017; In June 2019, Trustly announced that it was merging with PayWithMyBank, an online banking verification and payments provider in the US.
Market relevance High

Why Trustly

Continued year on year growth: Trustly reported 42% year on year growth for 2020, delivering revenue equivalent to USD $227 million
With a merchant base of 8,000, refunds are paid instantly to consumers from the merchant’s balance with Trustly: Trustly research found 95% of consumers report same-day refunds make them more loyal to a merchant.
Using Trustly maximises conversion in Sweden, Finland, the Baltics, Netherlands, Poland, Germany and Austria. According to Trustly, these markets comprise 75% of their 6.3M European active users, where Trustly supports over 90% of consumer bank accounts.

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