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GrabPay (MY)

GrabPay is a wallet, and is part of the Grab super app. Grab offers a wide range of virtual products and services, including transport, food delivery, and payments. With over 3,000 merchants across the GrabPay network in Malaysia, consumers can use this wallet in retail stores, food stalls, and e-commerce shops. It’s hard to over-emphasize the potential of GrabPay as a way for cross-border merchants to reach consumers in the fast-growing Southeast Asian market: there are over 17 million Grab users in Malaysia, forecast to reach more than 28 million consumers by 2025 (Statista). Consumers make payments by entering their phone number and one-time verification code.

GrabPay (MY)
Type Wallet
Consumer countries
Currencies MYR

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Why GrabPay (MY)

Spend-per GrabPay consumer increased by 19% year on year to 2022, due in part to consumers using it to pay for more categories of goods with more merchants (Grab).

In 2020-21, the number of Southeast Asian merchants registered with GrabPay nearly tripled (Grab).

GrabPay is accepted in SG, KH, ID, MY, MM, PH, TH and VN (Grab). By 2030, these countries’ online economies will be worth US$1 trillion (Reuters).



Merchant Global


Consumer MYR
Processing MYR
Settlement USD


Recurring payments
One-click payments
Partial refunds
Multiple partial refunds
Payment assurance
Chargeback risk

How it works


At online checkout, the consumer chooses GrabPay as the preferred payment method

Payment method

The consumer enters their Grab-registered mobile number

Payment method

The consumer receives a one-time, six-digit code via SMS to authorise payment

Payment method

The consumer reviews the transaction and conrms purchase


Payment is confirmed

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