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Funds flow management

Ease the flow of funds across borders

The tax and regulatory systems in emerging markets can make it difficult to manage funds across borders. So let us do it for you.

funds flow services

Our services

Let us unlock your funds flow

We have tech, teams, and entities in heavily-regulated markets around the world. So we can manage your funds across borders, carrying out everything from reconciliation to remittance.

That means you can focus on what you do best: payment processing.

funds flow reconciliations


We’ll collect the transaction data and documents, reconcile them for you, and provide you with a payout report.

funds flow Tax and filings

Tax calculations and filings

Our in-house system will carry out the necessary deductions the moment we import a transaction and then pay it on your behalf.

We’ll then file it with the relevant local authorities.

funds flow foreign exchange

Foreign exchange (FX)

We’ll get the rates from FX houses and carry out the calculations.

We’ll then settle the funds in your preferred currency.

funds flow ross-border remittance

Cross-border remittance

We can send the funds to you directly or to your overseas merchants in their preferred currency, so you can seamlessly offer a complete cross-border service.