existing acquiring

Acquiring platform as a service

Upgrade to an end-to-end acquiring infrastructure

Are your existing acquiring processes and systems costing you time and money?

Then switch to a modular, turnkey infrastructure that lets you offer end-to-end merchant acquiring services quickly and seamlessly.

Swap multiple *APIs | vendors | interfaces*
for one connection

Design a 360° merchant acquiring service from a fully white-labelled interface.

Swap multiple APIs for a single connection

Our turnkey infrastructure covers every aspect of merchant acquiring – ideal if you’re struggling with disparate systems and third parties.

Scale your services

By allowing you to deploy and control hundreds of products from one interface, you’ll be able to iterate and scale your services with ease.

Unlock more choice

We won’t limit you to a small set of providers. So you can reduce your single-vendor dependence and unlock more services for your merchants.

Avoid costly maintenance

We monitor every product on our tech stack. If there’s an issue, we’ll spot and fix it fast, helping you to drive down your own maintenance costs.

An arrow behind a clock indicating time saving

Goodbye, APIs.
Hello, app store.

Our service orchestration layer lets you deploy third-party payment, acquiring, and risk products from one place.

Think of it as an industrial app store.

Route transactions in a few clicks

Our no-code interface lets you control and configure transactions with easy-to-use drop-down menus.

That means you won’t have to resort to complex programming when you need to change or customise things.

Simplify the merchant lifecycle

Our infrastructure gives you access to multiple merchant-verification and onboarding products and services, covering everything from KYC and AML to credit checks.

They all communicate with each other, so you can rest easy knowing that the merchant lifecycle is taken care of.

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Acquiring doesn’t have to be a pain in the bank

Offering merchant acquiring services in uncertain economic times is no easy task. Let’s talk about how our infrastructure could save you time and money.