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Risk management

Risk management services

Connect to our tech stack and you’ll be able to protect your platform and lower your risk exposure through one connection.

Cover all bases with one connection

Our platform gives you access to a range of products and tools, from fraud screening applications to prepayment exposure reports.


Real-time fraud screening and scoring

Detect fraud in real time

Want to stop fraudulent transactions getting through? We’ll connect you and/or your merchants to real-time fraud-screening and scoring tools built to do exactly that.

Conquer chargebacks in complex markets

Chargeback and dispute management

Manage chargebacks in complex markets

We’ll provide you with fraud alerts to help you facilitate refunds and stop them becoming chargebacks. And we can connect you to a range of tools, from notifications to dispute management, to help you handle chargebacks when they do occur.

calculate payment risk

For acquirers and payment service providers

Understand your risk exposure

We give you access to daily automated reports so you can understand your total prepayment risk exposure.