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Asia Pacific

Get to know Asia Pacific’s booming e-commerce market. We’ve compiled reports on 14 countries, including China and India.

North America

Discover how the United States’ ever-growing, $912 billion e-commerce market is faring alongside Canada and Mexico.

Western & Central Europe

Bank transfers and e-wallets rival card payments in Western and Central Europe. Tap into our analysis of 19 countries, including the UK and Germany.

Eastern Europe & the CIS

Delve into the diverse payment culture of the former Eastern Bloc, where e-commerce is growing at a rate of 14%.

South & Central America

Uncover the payment culture in South and Central America. We’ve compiled data and insights on every country in the region.

Middle East & Africa

Get to know the complex e-commerce landscape in a number of countries in the region, including Israel, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia.

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