SafetyPay is a bank-transfer payment method that also offers cash-payment in several markets. This enables both the banked and the unbanked to participate in e-commerce and the digital economy.

It’s supported by 380 banks worldwide. It guarantees real-time confirmation of each transaction and zero risk of chargeback or fraud.

With bank-transfer and cash payment methods, you can sell to a large and growing segment of consumers who are online and want to shop, but who aren’t banked or don’t have a credit card.

Find out how PPRO can help you integrate and optimise bank-transfer and cash-payment methods for the markets you operate in.

The benefits of bank and cash transfer payment methods

  1. Sell to consumers who don’t have a credit card, or even a bank account.
  2. Win the trust of consumers in markets where these payment methods are the norm.
  3. Increase conversion rates by offering customers payment methods they know and trust.
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Type Cash, Bank transfer
Company behind LPM Paysafe
Channels Online, Offline
Market relevance High

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