Brazil Set to Invest $25billion on Public Transport


allpago believe that the plans to improve the country’s transport infrastructure will not only boost public morale, but also increase economic growth and attract more overseas business to the world’s sixth largest economy.

In a speech made a few weeks ago, Rousseff stressed the funding would be made available ‘to improve public transport in our country’. Other key plans included much needed investments in the country’s healthcare and education systems.

The news comes at a time when the Brazilian market is already becoming more attractive to foreign investors. Last month, in an interview with EurActiv, Alexandre Petry – director at Apex-Brazil – spoke of major reforms the country was pursuing, including a reduction in energy prices and the opening up of a public procurement which is set to attract business from Europe and the US.

Philipp Bock, CEO at allpago said, ‘The President’s proposals are a much needed and positive step towards improving Brazil’s infrastructure and making it easier and more attractive a market for overseas business.’

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