ICT Market in Brazil Expected to Grow


Despite the economic slowdown in Brazil, the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market is expected to grow this year.

New figures from IDC estimate that growth throughout LATAM will recover, albeit slightly. IDC reckon that some US$130 billion will be invested in IT and US$213 billion. This represents an increase of 3.3% over 2015.

For Brazil, the growth in ICT is estimated to be 2.6%, compared to 5% last year. Observers say that this lower rate of growth is not surprising, given the economic slowdown, and that 2016 will be a difficult year. However, business opportunities will drive IT.

IDC has identified ten trends that will impact upon Brazil in 2016.

  1. Digital Transformation: Mainly the move to DX by medium to large organisations, creating new applications to run on cloud and provide an end-user experience across all platforms.
  2. Device Sales: Although prices of devices are high, sales are expected to be strong throughout the year, with around 40 million mobile phones, six million PCs and five million tablets to be sold.
  3. IoT: The Internet of Things market is still under development in Brazil, but will see significant growth in 2016.
  4. Mobile Payments: This is a rapidly growing area and will grow from the 30% of all financial transactions. There are 40 million enabled devices in the country.
  5. Telecom: The ‘traditional’ voice continues to slow and will be surpassed by other services.
  6. Enterprise Mobility: Emphasis will be on security solutions, as companies provide more mobile services for their employees.
  7. Cloud: Continues to be strong with new players expected and growth of 20% by 2020.
  8. Security: Big emphasis on security as a new generation of products are developed.
  9. Big Data: Growth area, although lack of trained professionals could hold development back until 2017
  10. Social Business: Greater investment in user experience designs to help companies stand out from the competition.

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Reference: Bit Magazine