What to watch for at Money20/20: Perspectives from allpago international and PAY.ON



In just a few days, payment industry professionals from around the world will arrive in Las Vegas for the third edition of Money 20/20. It’s one of the biggest events on the calendar for allpago international, payment service provider specialized in eCommerce in Latin America and who have just launched operations in Mexico and an opportunity to meet with and strengthen relationships with key partners such as PAY.ON, who opened a North American subsidiary in March 2014.

Michael Doron, Managing Director PAY.ON America Inc., and Javier Vallaure, Director of Business Development at allpago international, will be at Money20/20 to meet with current and prospective clients, offering in combination unparalleled expertise in opening the doors to eCommerce in key Latin American markets such as Brazil.

Michael Doron: “Money20/20 is important for us, not only because of the opportunity to meet with many key partners and valued clients, but also because of the breadth of relevant payment topics that are discussed. It’s an exciting time for mobile payments especially, but we also expect that many legal, regulatory and security issues will be under the spotlight. For PAY.ON, we’ll be listening closely to these discussions, so that our white label payment platform continues to meet the changing needs of the market.”

Javier Vallaure: “allpago international is extremely pleased to be an active sponsor and participant at Money20/20. In addition, allpago wants to provide attendees with specialized guidance and high quality content on the fast-growing Latin American market in one-on-one meetings at our booth (#58). Specifically, we would like to have transparent and active discussions to clarify information asymmetries on relevant payment methods, taxation, regulation and fraud in the Latin American markets with clients, partners and attendees.”

As they prepare to travel to Money20/20, we asked Michael and Javier to pick out some of the hot industry topics that they believe will provide unique insight or a fresh perspective, particularly for payment service providers and merchants who are interested in global expansion and addressing the challenges of the Latin American market.

Going Global: Potholes, Profits and Perspectives

“Going global presents fantastic opportunities for merchants; however the legal and regulatory issues that face globalizing businesses are not to be underestimated. This session promises to provide real world perspectives. We’re interested to see what comes out of this session, primarily because we know that the payment solutions offered through the partnership of allpago and PAY.ON can really help smooth the way and eliminate the regulatory ‘potholes’ that businesses face in difficult to penetrate markets such as Brazil.” – Michael Doron

Accelerated Innovation: Balancing Innovation and Regulation

“The Latin American middle class has driven a boom in electronic consumer spending in the region and helped sustain the 20% average yearly economic growth. In order to explore the massive potential of this great region, merchants need innovative payment solutions which are specifically conceived for the local operations and its unique requirements. The question is how to enable a compliant and sustainable operation in markets that are transitioning from relative informal regulation to being fully regulated by all stakeholders. allpago expects to hear from the session how they picture the perfect balance between innovation and regulation.” – Javier Vallaure

Enabling the ‘Everywhere POS’

“Mobile point-of-sale will the focus, specifically how mPOS is changing the way that retailers think about the checkout experience. The ‘Everywhere POS’ might be redefining the physical rules of retail, but a talking point here will certainly be speed of deployment, as businesses look to introduce innovative omni-channel strategies to gain a competitive edge. Seamless integration and quick time to market are key features of the PAY.ON platform, so we’ll be interested to see how other businesses are dealing with these challenges.” – Michael Doron

Global E- and M-Commerce Trends & Drivers

“This panel is particularly interesting as growth in m-Commerce is outpacing traditional e-Commerce in the LATAM region, although both sectors present double-digit growth rates. Thus allpago is clearly focused on omni-channel solutions for mPOS, mobiles SDKs to HTML5 based checkouts to ensure an efficient multi-screen and device offering. Therefore we would like to understand innovative operating models and best practices from different players and markets.” – Javier Vallaure

Tokenization and the Future of Anytime, Anywhere Payments

“Largely thanks to Apple Pay, tokenization and mobile payment security have recently had plenty attention in payments media. In this session, key stakeholders will discuss tokenization as a promising solution to the risk of data theft. For merchants to deliver on the promise of anytime, anywhere payments, the integrity of transactions need to be safeguarded. Apple may have put tokenization in the spotlight, but what we’re really interested in is how the technology could be adapted to other payment methods available globally.” – Michael Doron

Major Processor Presidents and CEOs on Acquiring & Issuing Innovation

“allpago has a deep knowledge of the Latin American payment landscape which is starting to be heavily regulated. Thus it is very important for us to understand the trends in more mature markets in order to design our products and services according to future requirements. This is why allpago constituted an Advisory Board formed by C-Level payment experts to be as close to the trends and developments as possible.” – Javier Vallaure

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Chris | PR Manager – PAY.ON

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