October 10, 2017
PPRO at Money 20/20 USA

 Mastering the Linguistics of Local Payments is the Key to Going Global with E-Commerce

The globalisation of e-commerce has everything to do with mastering international and regional payment methods. Understanding local markets and preferences helps organisations to better meet expectations of consumers from around the world and deliver consumers payment methods of choice.

Partners and those who are interested in finding out more are invited to “relax with PPRO” at a beach bar stand (#1451) and learn about alternative payment methods, prepaid corporate cards and how PPRO reduces complexity in e-payments, to help customers “relax”. To book an appointment with PPRO at Money 20/20 please visithttps://www.ppro.com/#event.

PPRO CEO Simon Black will be taking the stage alongside Greg Worch, SVP, Head of eCommerce at Vantiv, moderated by Samee Zafar from Edgar, Dunn & Company. They will discuss how merchants can capitalise on the cross-border e-commerce opportunity by looking beyond U.S. borders and adopt local payment solutions to connect with global consumers.

The session, entitled “Going Global with E-Commerce by Mastering the Linguistics of Local Payments”, will be taking place between 5.10pm – 5.30pm Tuesday 24th October, room Bellini, The Venetian, Level 2.

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