allpago’s Profile in The Nilson Report – Get your free copy


We announced in October that allpago was expanding its payment coverage into Argentina, a move that makes it easy for international e-commerce merchants to engage with more than 80 percent of online shoppers in Latin America using our integrated payment platform.

The news was picked up by The Nilson Report, a leading publication covering payment systems worldwide, which has profiled allpago in its latest issue. It has kindly allowed us to publish a copy on our website for customers, prospects, and employees to read.

Latin America is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world for e-commerce and is becoming fertile ground for international merchants at an astonishing pace. There are 110m active digital buyers in Latin America already, but the vast majority only have access to local payment methods.

allpago provides access to all relevant payment methods, including local ones, to make it easy for merchants to accept payments in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, and to remain compliant with local laws when doing so.

Our technology offers industry-leading levels of security and integrated risk management systems, and is proven to improve conversion rates and boost revenues for merchants running e-commerce operations in Latin America.