A payment solution for Latin America: allpago talks about ‘going global’ in FT Start-Up Stories podcast


FT Start-Up Stories: allpago’s founder and CEO, Philipp Bock, spoke to Jonathan Moules of the Financial Times about the company and how it solves one of the biggest problems faced by businesses in Latin America: the lack of a localized cross-border payments infrastructure.

The interview has just been published as one of the FT’s Start-Up Stories podcasts, which aim to bring the experience of running a business to life. You can download and listen to it here.

In the podcast, Philipp discusses how allpago was started, some of the challenges it has encountered and the growing role it is now playing helping global e-commerce merchants and international financial institutions facilitate payments across Latin America.

allpago provides all relevant payment methods alongside industry-leading levels of security and integrated risk management systems to help merchants improve conversion rates, maximise revenues and run compliant e-commerce operations in Latin America.

allpago’s story was published as part of a series about ‘going global’, in which several founders discuss the breaks, turning points and near misses that enabled them to build multinational companies.

Philipp’s interview provides some fantastic insight into allpago’s history and how it is evolving for the future. Check it out today!


About allpago

allpago is a leading payment service provider for Latin America, enabling e-commerce merchants and payment providers to accept all relevant local payment methods through a single platform and API. allpago’s state-of-the-art technology and regulatory knowledge are used by merchants including, BMW, Getty Images, McAfee, Paylogic, Symantec and Teamviewer to maximize conversion rates and ensure compliant transactions with customers in Latin America, and as a ‘last mile’ payment interface by leading payment companies around the world such as Zuora, ACI Worldwide and Wirecard.