More Mexicans Shop Online Than Ever Before


The media in Mexico is reporting that more people are choosing to go online to buy their goods than ever before, a trend which, they say, is common throughout the region.

Shoppers in Chile and Colombia might lead the way by choosing to buy goods online, at 83% and 82% respectively, but Mexico is not very far behind with 81%. The next countries in the top online shopping parade are Argentina at 75% and Brazil at 73%.

These figures come from Groupon which has just completed a major study into the online shopping habits of people throughout LATAM. They concluded that e-Commerce is on the rise throughout Latin America.

The study also revealed that the most popular online purchases in LATAM are holidays (package tours) and restaurant visits. Shoppers in Chile and Argentina have a wider spread of shopping items, whilst those in Brazil most favour foods and beverages.

When it comes to how people shop on the internet, almost 30% of people in Mexico prefer to use their mobile devices (mostly smartphones), which is more than Brazil at 26%, Colombia (23%), Chile (17%) and Argentina (12%).

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