The New Mexican Urban Distribution Service


As if to confirm that the Mexican economy is stepping up a gear, here comes news that an ‘urban’ distribution service has just been launched by Correos de México and startup Kangou.

It’s called #MEXGOU and works via a web page and smartphones. It’s set to revolutionise deliveries in Mexico by offering an efficient technological platform for sustainable logistics. It promises merchants a door-to-door, next day service from a business to its customer’s home. The service operates in one of 35 cities listed on the company’s website.

Kangou is a delivery and local shopping service which is accessed via a smartphone. It allows anyone with a smartphone to generate for themselves extra income, by taking on deliveries which can be achieved via walking, or cycling. Anyone can be a Kangou and it earns them extra income.

When combined with the Mexican Postal Service, #MEXGOU becomes a driver of economic activity, encouraging the distribution of a greater number of parcels throughout the country and stimulating the growth of SMEs. The new service is available in Mexico City and 35 other cities, including Guadalajara, Monterrey and Veracruz. Prices vary from MXN$155 for packages up to 1kg and MXN$195 for 3kg, and the service is available from 8am to 1pm on Monday through to Friday.

This new concept contributes to help enhance logistics throughout the country, creating a direct influence to the development of e-Commerce within the region.

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Reference: Pulso Social