Mexicans Spend More Time Online


Mexicans are spending more time on the internet.

A new study which looks at internet use in Mexico has just been published following an event held by the Mexican Internet Association.

Key findings show that Mexicans are now spending 24% more time on the internet than in 2014. And that more of the population who now use the internet grew by just over 5% between 2013 and 2014. This brings the total number of people using the internet up to 53.9m from 51.2m.

The average user connects to the internet for some of six hours and 11 minutes a day, which is 24 minutes more than in 2014. And they connect mostly from home and then from work. The most common connection method is via public and private Wi-Fi.

As for the most common devices used for internet connection, the way is led by laptops (68%), smartphones (58%) and tablets (31%). It is these devices which are leading the penetration of the internet. Desktop computers are being used less for accessing the internet. Games consoles and TVs are used to connect to the internet, but their use remains roughly the same as 2014.

The smartphone remains a key way of connecting to the internet, with 87% using it for this purpose (94% use it as a telephone).

And that the main reason for being online is being able to access social media networks. Social networking, the study reveals, is a powerful commercial channel within Mexico and advertisers place a great emphasis on online campaigns. Some 75% of users follow a particular brand of social media and when they receive a commercial email from a sender/brand they know, 60% open the email. Even 30% open the email even if they don’t know the sender. It was also revealed that having opened an email, 44% go on to make a purchase.

When people are at work, most are online for sending and receiving emails (65%) and when at home, it’s for social networks (83%).

Regarding demographics, it was discovered that of the group who connect to the internet via a laptop, or a smartphone, most are men aged 19 to 44 years. Whilst, from a desktop computer, most are men aged between 45 to 55 years.

Most people who connect to social networks are women in their 20s and this group is also the largest for downloading music.

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