PPRO partners with Banking Circle to provide real-time payment settlement to cross-border merchants


PPRO Group, the global e-payment specialist, has partnered with Banking Circle, the financial utility for businesses that want to trade globally. Through this partnership, PPRO Group’s customer base of Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and Merchant Acquirers will be able to offer cross-border online merchants with real-time payment settlement via Banking Circle. This helps PPRO Group to not only simplify internal settlement processes, but to also receive and make payments faster and cheaper, due to access through Banking Circle’s accounts in multiple currencies and various local clearing methods in just one solution.

Banking Circle provides financial services infrastructure, helping banks and FinTechs to provide their customers with fast and cost-effective banking and payment solutions, without having to make significant in-house systems investments. The partnership with PPRO underlines the effectiveness of Banking Circle as a next-generation provider of mission-critical infrastructure for online cross-border payments.

Covering the entire value chain, from acquiring through to processing, local collection and reconciliation, PPRO Group offers all acquiring services for more than 140 international APMs across 175 countries. Under one contract, through one single integration and one platform; PPRO processes, collects, reconciles, consolidates and pays out all payments for PSPs’ and acquirers’ merchants while working strictly indirectly with its partners.

PPRO Group is capitalising on the benefits of Banking Circle´s ‘real-time’ payments proposition for PSPs,” as Ronnie D’Arienzo, Chief Sales Officer, PPRO Group comments, “Banking Circle goes to the heart of our proposition. Being able to make real-time settlements to many of our PSP-clients means we can provide reliable and fast services which sets us apart from our competition.”

Anders la Cour, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Banking Circle added:

“PPRO Group is capitalising on the cohesive payments solution that is Banking Circle. It can offer ‘local’ cross border payments, with low fees, good FX rates and fast transfer times to its PSPs for a significant competitive advantage.”