PPRO Group Partners with Credorax to Increase Global Access to Alternative Payment Methods


PPRO Group, a cross-border e-payment specialist, has formed a partnership with Credorax, a European merchant acquiring bank, to grow its Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) offerings across Europe. PPRO’s wide variety of APMs will now be extended to Credorax’s merchants and payment service providers (PSPs).

The partnership between PPRO Group and Credorax will expand the highly active APM landscape in Europe. According to PPRO research, an equal percentage of Europeans make payments with e-wallets or bank transfers (21 percent each) compared to credit cards (42 percent). Further insights from PPRO also reveals that more than 50 percent of existing online transactions are made using APMs – sometimes even foreign to Western and global companies.

“Offering consumers alternative payment methods have rapidly evolved from a ‘nice-to-have’ solution to an absolute expectation in today’s e-commerce environment,” said Nir Levy, Head of Product & Professional Services. “The partnership with PPRO further strengthens Credorax’s strong belief in arming our merchants with every tool they need to succeed with their consumers. Any APMs our merchants need, we are ensuring together with PPRO, they can seamlessly provide to their customers.”

“Businesses embracing alternative payment methods will retain customers and win new ones,”

said James Booth, PPRO’s Vice President and Head of New Business. “Merchants who want to thrive need to accept APMs and the other popular methods of payment in their region. We look forward to offering merchants a larger variety of APMs through our partnership with Credorax.”

Credorax’s single integration acquiring platform offers a unified experience for merchants that includes reporting and reconciliation. Credorax provides the accurate and customized data needed to make strategic business decisions while driving efficiency. The partnership will provide this service across PPRO’s wide infrastructure, allowing a greater number of merchants to have access and provide the best solution for their customers spanning alternative and card payments.

The new alliance with Credorax reaffirms PPRO’s pledge to provide best-in-class global payment solutions by offering a breadth of more than 140 alternative payment schemes throughout 175 countries. In doing so, partners like Credorax can remain focused on evolving the products and services that best meet their merchants and PSPs.