PPRO Allows Nexi’s Merchants to Accept Alipay and WeChat Pay


Nexi, one of Italy’s largest digital payments processors, today announces its partnership with PPRO, the cross-border e-payments specialist, to integrate Alipay and WeChat Pay into its e-commerce payment gateway XPay. The partnership will bolster Nexi’s position as a leader in payment processing for its Italian merchants.

XPay virtual POS’s 18,000 Italian merchants are able to accept users of China’s leading payment methods. The integration is a key part of Nexi’s strategy, which aims to enable merchants to exploit the new business opportunities offered by e-commerce. E-commerce is experiencing strong growth in Italy: based on research from the Polytechnic University of Milan, the value of online purchases will hit 27 billion euros this year; an increase of over 3.6 billion over 2017 (+15%). The value of Made in Italy exports, sold through e-commerce, alone is worth 3.9 billion euro, about to 16% of the total market.

“What is really exciting,” adds James Booth PPRO’s Vice President and Head of New Business (Payment Services), “is that by adding WeChat Pay and Alipay to Nexi’s portfolio, it means that 1.4 billion more people can buy goods from Nexi’s merchants with the payment method that they want. Customers want to make purchases online with a payment method they are familiar with, otherwise, they’ll go elsewhere. We are happy to support Nexi with this step forward.”

“The agreement with PPRO follows those we have made with Amazon, Apple, Google, Klarna and PayPal. It is a further step forward by Nexi in e-commerce , a market in which we are gaining increasing market share” – notes Dirk Pinamonti, Nexi’s Head of e-commerce

“With these integrations, we have made XPay even more complete, enabling it to manage two exceptionally important payment methods: it is an agreement that puts merchants in a position to grow their business significantly”.

About Nexi

Nexi is the PayTech of banks, and the reference company for digital payments in Italy.

Nexi manages, in different ways, 44.1 million payment cards and 2.7 billion transactions every year. It has also partnered with 733,000 points of sale, accounting for 418 billion euros worth of transactions (data for 2017). Nexi also operates 21,000 ATMs throughout Italy and supports 503,000 companies using the Interbank Corporate Banking services.

About PPRO Group

Cross-border e-payment specialist, PPRO Group, (PPRO) removes the complexity of international e-commerce payments by acquiring, collecting and processing an extensive range of alternative payments methods for Payment Service Providers (PSPs) under one contract, through one platform and one single integration. PPRO supports international payment methods across more than 100 countries, allowing PSPs to expand their merchants’ e-commerce reach, arrange hassle-free collection and achieve higher conversion rates.

PPRO also issues Visa and MasterCard consumer prepaid cards, under its own brand name VIABUY, and enables B2B prepaid cards, under its CROSSCARD and FLEETMONEY brands, which can be issued both physically and as virtual cards or NFC devices (as stickers).

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in London, PPRO is an EU-certified financial institute with an e-money license issued by the British regulatory body FCA. For more information, please visit