Top Trader Says Brazil Making the Right Moves to Attract European Investors


allpago, one of Brazil’s leading local payment gateway welcomes recent news that Brazil is introducing the right reforms to encourage and grow the EU-Brazil investment relationship.

allpago is optimistic by the recent interview of Alexandre Petry, a director at Apex-Brazil, a trade and investment promotion agency, which revealed that reforms including the introduction of a new concessions programme, a reduction in energy prices and the opening up of public procurement have all been put into practice to attract European and US businesses to the Brazilian market.

All of these measures according to Petry, who was interviewed by EurActiv last month, are set to both strengthen and grow the investment relationship between the EU and Brazil. When asked how to describe current relations between the two markets, he revealed the EU to be the third largest investor in Brazil and believed that this trend was likely to continue.

The interview highlighted that despite Brazil’s current sluggish economy, overseas companies in sectors including telecommunications, energy and banking services are likely to continue investing in Brazil in the future. It also covered investment opportunities in Brazil’s infrastructure and logistics sector where the government has introduced a concessions scheme which includes ports, roads, airports and railways; making it a far more attractive proposition to overseas investors.

Philipp Bock, CEO at allpago said, “We welcome the news that Brazil is already putting into place the reforms needed to attract more investment from Europe and the US. For allpago, where we are committed in assisting merchants in finding the right payment methods for their business, this news is even more poignant.”

He added, There are of course obstacles that hinder foreign investment like a complex tax system, high energy and labour costs. But measures like those highlighted in Petry’s interview will improve the situation by helping to bring in even more European and US investors.”

About allpago international

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allpago‘s features include one-click payments, recurring payments, instalments, dynamic descriptor and mobile payment solutions. The companys html 5.0 code allows multiscreen and is as easy to implement into the store through the “plug and pay” feature. Furthermore, the company offers a fully integrated Risk Management Solution with more than 70 checks. allpago has recently become the first LATAM payment gateway of the Merchant Risk Council (MRC).