Tech Favoured By Women in Latin America When Buying Online


When it comes to which products women buy online in Latin America, it appears that tech leads the way, especially in Ecuador and Argentina.

New figures from a report just published by Linio revealed the eCommerce buying habits of women across six countries in Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.

Ecuador and Argentina had the most women who bought technology products when compared to the other sectors surveyed: health and beauty, accessories, home, kids and baby products, and sports.

In Ecuador, 56% of women buy technology products, with health and beauty taking just a 26% share. Accessories came next with 7%, then home 5%, kids 3%, sports 2%, and finally books and movies at 1%.

Across in Argentina it pans out slightly differently, with 49% of women buying tech, but just 11% choosing health and beauty products. Then comes accessories at 6%, home 8%, kids 3%, sports 3%, and books and movies at 3%.

In Mexico and Peru, tech products still ruled supreme. In Mexico tech beat health and beauty by 26% compared to 22%, followed by accessories at 18%, home 17%, kids 11% and sports 6%. In Peru, tech still beat health and beauty with 24% against 14%, but then came accessories at 28%, home 16%, kids 13% and sports 5%.

The balance only changed with Colombia and Chile. In Colombia, technology at 22% was beaten by health and beauty at 30%, followed by accessories at 13%, home 19%, kids 10%, sports 5%, and books and movies at 1%. Women bought even less tech in Chile at just 10%, compared with 47% for health and beauty, and then accessories at 8%, home 16%, kids 6%, sports 5%, and books and movies at 8%

Age plays a large part in the breakdown of the figures, with most women digital buyers aged between 25 to 34, whilst those over 55 made by far the least online purchases.

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Reference: eMarketer