Our Christmas Service to you: 3 more tips for your online shop


Christmas time is a calm time for the minority of people. Your customers will be grateful if your service is Christmassy.

Offer accessories

People loosen the purse strings at Christmas and customers like to buy even more than they originally planned to. For that reason it is important to display suitable accessories alongside selected items at all times.

Christmas service

It’s not only your stock that needs to be primed for the Christmas trade. Customer service is also on red alert for six weeks. Prepare your customer service for the stressful Christmas trade. That will be sure to pull in extra sales.

Show goodwill

Put your store’s goodwill agreements to the test. It’s definitely worth adapting them and adjusting them to fit the customer. But one thing to note: that doesn’t mean giving the customer something for nothing. Just be aware of your customers’ needs. Satisfied customers will come back.