Christmas time: 3 last minute tips for your internet shop


Almost Christmas and still no presents? A significant part of people storms online shops right before the holidays. Here are some tips how to convert them into customers.
Offer vouchers
Don’t underestimate the idea of vouchers, as gifts of money are of great significance. Offer your customers a gift card. Prepaid credit cards, ideally branded, are perfect for this. They can be personalised and have your logo on them. For prepaid credit cards the only technical requirement is your standard credit card tool.

Windows dressing of your online shop
If your customers are in a hurry you should optimize the displays in your shop. Present a mix of bestsellers and insider tips, boost sales with discounts and don’t hide the vouchers in the shop!

Post-Christmas is just like pre-Christmas
So Christmas is over and sales were good? Congratulations, but for online shops the whole circus starts again on Boxing Day. Impatient types will shop online at Christmas just the same or will want to exchange something quickly. Stay in contact with your customer as immediately after the Christmas trade comes what is known as the post-Christmas trade.