Catching the Christmas trade: 3 x 3 tips for online shops


The peak selling season is here. Online merchants should use the pre-Christmas period to perfect the presentation of their range. Our 3×3 tips over the next three weeks will get your online shop in shape for the Christmas trade.

Fast delivery
The weeks leading up to Christmas are, without a doubt, a stressful period for you as a trader. But the customers are in a rush too and they will take their anger at delayed online orders out on you. For this reason, in addition to the standard delivery (2-3 days), you must be sure to offer an express delivery (24 hours). You should also make clear to your customers the payment methods available, as these are a very important factor in the purchase decision.
Proactively contact customers
The pre-Christmas period is a very good time for customer newsletters. Write to your customers and tell them, for instance that your shop will deliver as quickly as possible or that your range includes special festive offers.
Keep an eye on your stock
Check stock levels in advance and stock up on your best sellers. Avoid having to advertise popular items as “Not available” at all costs. It’s also important to remove items that are no longer in stock from the range immediately or stipulate a reliable delivery date.