Cyber attacks account for up to US$ 8 billion losses in Brazil



Brazil has experienced in 2013 a loss of between US$ 7 billion (R$ 15 billion) and US$ 8 billion (R$ 18 billion) with hacker attacks, password thefts, cloning of cards, virtual piracy, industrial espionage, government spying and other digital crimes. As the global report by the security company McAfee presents, for the first time Brazil has become target of international cyber mafias that commercialize stolen data on “Deepweb” – the dark side of the internet – informs the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.

Worldwide these losses totalled an amount of between US$ 375 billion and US$ 575 billion, which includes not only the data loss but also its recovery. The loss on cybercrime in Brazil amounts for 0.32% of the country’s GDP, or nearly two-thirds of the profits of Petrobras in 2013. Germany leads the countries with the largest overall losses with 1.6% of its GDP, followed by the Netherlands with 1.5%. The U.S (0.64%) and China (0.63%) registered losses of less than 1%.

When it comes to data reliability, the Chinese are the most trusted globally. According to José Matias, Director of McAfee, the Beijing government is proving that China is another victim of the digital criminal market. In the case of Brazil, the executive states that the Brazilian numbers “should be much higher” as there are no rules that encourage the accounting and disclosure of the attacks.

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