Brazilian Taxi Drivers Investigated



Taxi drivers in Brazil are coming up against the authorities who see their attempts to stop the use of taxi-app Uber as anti-competitive.

It is being alleged that Brazilian taxi driver associations, and some individual drivers, are trying to hinder the adoption of the Uber app throughout the country.

This has helped cause The Superintendency General of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (known as Cade) to file a lawsuit, allowing it to investigate any anticompetitive conduct of taxi drivers’ associations.

The investigation comes after a complaint was made by Brazil Technology Uber, together with the Central Directory of Students Honestino Guimarães.

Allegedly, some taxi drivers have threatened both Uber drivers and their passengers with physical violence. According to Cade, this practice could lead to a slowing down of the company’s development within the Brazilian market and limiting the choice of the passengers who consider using Uber drivers. This is anti-competitive and the defendants have 30 days to lodge a defense, before a decision is made by the Administrative Court of Cade.

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