Brazil Spends Most On Digital Ads


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Latest figures show that Brazil spends the most on digital advertising within the Latin American region.

It’s reckoned that in 2015, spending on digital ads in Brazil will have risen a huge 16% to $3.4 billion. This represents some 49.9% of all digital advertising that is commissioned throughout the region.

Mexico comes next in the pecking order, with 17.6%, then Argentina (11.5%), Chile (2.4%), Colombia (2.4%) and Peru (1.2%).

And Brazil’s dominance is likely to continue to the end of the decade. It’s predicted that by 2019, the total spend on digital ads will have reached $5.79 billion. Some of this growth comes from inflation which, says the figures, is set to remain above the official annual target of 4.5%. But most of the growth will be attributed to the rapid rise in mobile advertising spends.

In 2019, the other shares will break down as Argentina (17.7%), Mexico (15.9%), Colombia (2.3%), Chile (1.9%) and Peru (1.2%).

In 2015, it’s forecast that mobile internet ad spending in Brazil will almost hit $600m, a rise of 120%, which represents a share within the region of 46.5%. By the end of the decade, it’s thought that mobile ad spends will have reached $3.75 billion, which will then account for 64.8% of all digital ad spend in Brazil.

This leading position continues even though Brazil is having to cope with a decreasing economic output.

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Reference: eMarketer.

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