Brazil Heads BRICS Countries in New Social Progress Index


Berlin, 05/09/2013: According to the new Social Progress Index, Brazil is the most socially advanced BRICS country (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Among Latin American countries, Brazil is ranked third highest, after Chile and Argentina.

The Social Progress Index ranks 50 countries by their social and environmental performance and was developed by the Harvard Business School professor Michael E. Porter in co-operation with the Social Progress Imperative.
Since numerous studies have found a correlation between economic growth and a wide variety of social indicators, the research takes social and environmental outcomes into account to measure the progress of a country.

Brazil scores particularly high in Equity and Inclusion (2nd place), Personal Rights (15th) and Personal Freedom and Choice (16th). Areas of improvement remain Higher education (33rd), Health and Wellness (31st), the Improvement of Basic Human Needs (30th) and Sustainability of the Ecosystem (31st).

The Social Progress Index analyses data from different sources and organizes it into into three categories:

  • Basic Human Needs: Does a country provide the most essential needs to its population?
  • Foundations of Wellbeing: Are the building blocks in place to enhance and sustain the wellbeing of individuals and communities?
  • Opportunity: Is there opportunity for all individuals to reach their full potential?

More information on Brazil’s performance and the full report can be found on The Social Progress Imperative’s official website.


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