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Bank transfer is a popular, trusted payment method in Thailand and supported banks include the top-ve banks: Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Krungsri Bank, Krung Thai Bank and Siam Commercial Bank. Consumers pay for e-commerce purchases directly through a real-time bank transfer by logging into their online banking and authorising the payment with a one-time passcode.

Thailand Banks
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Why Thailand Banks

Bank account penetration in Thailand is strong. Currently, 84% of the country’s adult population has a bank account (PPRO Almanac).

Thailand has one of the highest rates of Internet penetration in Southeast Asia: bank transfer is the most popular form of online payment, with a 37% market share (PPRO Almanac)

Thai cross-border e-commerce is valued at US$ 5 billion which makes up 7% of the Thai e- commerce market. The most popular markets are China, Japan and the United States (PPRO Almanac).



Merchant Global


Consumer THB
Processing THB
Settlement USD


Recurring payments
One-click payments
Partial refunds
Multiple partial refunds
Payment assurance
Chargeback risk

How it works


At checkout, the consumer selects their bank of choice for payment

Online bank

The consumer redirects to their online bank and logs in

Online bank

The consumer reviews the transaction and selects which account to use (additional SCA may be required)

Online bank

Payment is confirmed by the bank, and the transaction status is communicated to the merchant

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