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Pay-easy (Bank transfer)

Pay-easy provides Japanese consumers with convenient, secure and risk-free options for e-commerce payments, taxes and other public service charges: online bank transfer and offline cash payments at ATMs and post offices. Consumers select Pay-easy at checkout, select their bank from the list and complete the transfer from their online banking interface. Pay-easy cites transactions worth almost 30 trillion Yen (USD 259.6 billion) in 2021.

Pay-easy (Bank transfer)
Type Bank transfer
Consumer countries
Currencies JPY

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Why Pay-easy (Bank transfer)

Japanese consumers are often risk-averse and sensitive to data collection, Pay-easy bank transfer lets consumers pay without providing personal details or accruing credit-based debt.

In 2022, Japanese consumers paid for 5.3 million transactions using the Pay-easy bank-transfer app, of which, 1.5 million were for e-commerce (Statista).

Pay-easy is the network of choice for all bank connections and transfers, with more than 300 banks in Japan.



Merchant Global


Consumer JPY
Processing JPY
Settlement JPY


Recurring payments
One-click payments
Partial refunds
Multiple partial refunds
Payment assurance
Chargeback risk

How it works


At online checkout, the consumer selects Pay-easy as their preferred payment method

Payment method

The consumer is redirected to a hosted payment page and selects to pay via bank transfer (Pay-easy)

Online bank

The consumer selects their preferred bank and redirects to the online banking login page

Online bank

The consumer reviews the payment details and authorises the transaction using a one-time password

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