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Operated by leading Malaysian telco Axiata, Boost is one of Malaysia’s biggest e-wallets. Easy, fast, and secure, it’s accepted by street vendors, top brand outlets, and everywhere in between. Along with payment services, it provides features including gaming vouchers, insurance, mobile top-ups, peer-to-peer, bill payments, and transportation booking. Consumers add funds to their wallet via bank transfer, debit, or credit card. They pay with the app by simply selecting ‘Tap and pay’.

Type Wallet
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Currencies MYR

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Why Boost

According to Axiata, Boost’s user numbers continue to grow with a consumer base of 10 million users by 2022: almost a third of Malaysia’s adult population.

In 2022, Axiata reported Boost’s merchant base had increased to 505,000 merchants, a growth of 15.3% year-on-year: and its highly engaged, active user base was spending more than US$1 billion a year.

As well as being accepted by more than half a million merchants in its own right, Boost can also be used at stores where merchants accept UnionPay.



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Consumer MYR
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Settlement USD


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How it works


At checkout, consumer selects Boost as their preferred payment method

Payment method

Consumer redirects to a Boost website, then clicks 'Tap and pay' to invoke the Boost app

Payment method

Consumer authorises the transaction via biometric security or PIN

Payment method

Payment is confirmed

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