Retail E-Commerce Sales Grow Rapidly in Latin America



Latest figures show that retail e-Commerce sales in Latin America are growing rapidly, with sales pushing the $50bn level this year.

Figures from eMarketer estimates that regional e-Commerce sales will come close to the $50 billion mark in 2015, which represents an increase of nearly 24%.

Brazil continues to dominate the market in terms of sales, but Argentina gets the top prize for growth.

Brazil alone came close to achieving $20 billion in sales and this represents a larger share of the total retail market than any other country in LATAM. Yet, that share is only 2.8%, a small fraction of the market.

Following Brazil in second place comes Mexico, which has notched up retail e-Commerce sales of $5.7bn this year, some 1.5% of total retail sales.

Argentina is the country which is growing most rapidly; it has already recorded retail e-Commerce growth up 40% to just below $5bn.

eMarketer forecasts up to 2019 when it predicts that by then total retail e-Commerce sales in LATAM will have reached $84.75bn ($57.02bn in 2016, $66.59bn in 2017 and $75.32bn in 2018). By 2019 growth will have slowed to 12.5%, moving gradually down from the 29.8% growth achieved in 2014 (20.4% in 2016, 16.8% in 2017 and 13.1% in 2018). And by 2019, the retail e-Commerce percentage share of the total retail sales market in LATAM of 3.2%, compared to the 2% recorded in 2014 (2.5% in 2016, 2.8% in 2017 and 3% in 2018).

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Reference: eMarketer

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