Online Payments Industry Benefits from Global Gaming Industry



The number of global online gamers is dramatically rising and the online payments industry is reaping the benefits, especially in Latin America.

A survey just out reveals that there are hundreds of millions of active online gamers who play at least once a day and that the numbers are rising every year.

In the US alone there are said to be 170 million gamers, representing over half of the population. Active gamers in the Latin American region are also showing signs of significant growth.

The research reveals that gamers pay for their hobby mostly by four main payment methods: credit card (30%), PayPal (27%), Prepaid (21%), e-wallet, or mobile (2%).

As for gamers favourite devices for downloading their games, PCs came first with a near 70% share of the market, followed by smartphone with around 30% and tablet at 25%.


Russia is another huge online gaming market, where nearly 50 million gamers use mostly PCs to buy and play their favourite games. Popular payment methods are the e-wallet, used by 30% of people, and PayPal, some 9%.

Although less mature than the US and Russia, the Latin American active online gaming industry is on the rise and is set to deliver a golden era for the payments industry.

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Reference: The Paypers

Photo: Carlo Rodriguez