Integrate multiple payment methods seamlessly.

Future-proof your payment platform

Accept makes it easy to integrate the payment methods you need to drive global sales.

Simply connect to our infrastructure and you and your merchants will have access to a range of high-quality payment method integrations, from PayPal to WeChat and Sofort.

And we’ll continue to work with you to make sure you’re offering the right methods in the markets you sell in. That way, you can future-proof your platform against changes in buyer behaviour.

What you’ll get out of Accept

Seamless global coverage
The features
  • High-quality payment method integrations
  • Monitoring of payment method performance
  • Comprehensive doc centre for your developers

The benefits
  • Break into new markets with new payment methods
  • Boost checkout conversions thanks to our quality integrations and data analysts
  • Reduce operational complexities
Enhanced local payments
The features
  • Support for basic and complex payment flows (seamless, redirect, recurring, and in-store)
  • Non-native support for multiple, partial, and over-refunds
  • Additional payment facilitation – e.g. ,missing funds and succeeded after failed

The benefits
  • Enhance customer experiences
  • Reduce refund complexity and manual processes
Transaction risk management
The features
  • Transaction monitoring and alarms for fraud and other suspicious activities
  • Streamlined dispute, chargeback, and fraud-handling processes

The benefits
  • Protect your and your merchants’ revenue and reputation
  • Avoid having to monitor transactions yourself
Operations partnership
The features
  • Payment method monitoring
  • 24/7 global payment method support
  • Dynamic checkout notifications in the event of a payment method error or outage

The benefits
  • Limit disruption to your business if a payment method goes down
  • Protect you and your merchants’ revenue
  • Keep your merchants and their customers updated

Why us

Not all payment methods are created equal

Our quality payment method integrations are supported by laser-focused transaction monitoring. That means fewer failed transactions (and more successful ones).

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