Payment Service Providers

Payment Service Providers no longer deal only with payments. They need to offer value added services tailored to their merchants’ needs in order to stay competitive in the market, such as international cards, POS terminals, shopping cart integrations to mention just a few. On top of that they also need to offer local payment methods (LPM) which is a highly complex and time-consuming undertaking. Challenges include:

  • Complex integration process that can take 1 year to onboard a single LPM
  • Contract and pricing negotiations with each LPM consuming significant internal resources
  • Risk for PSPs to fall behind unless they create an internal function monitoring new LPMs worldwide
  • Multiple gateways connecting to multiple LPMs
  • Lack of unified reporting at the PSP and merchant levels

Payment Service Platform

International Cards
POS Terminals
Local Payment Methods
Shopping Cart

Local payment methods such as bank transfers, e-wallets, cash-based digital payments and local cards are the dominant payment methods globally, used in more than 70% of all consumer transactions globally. International credit cards only have a market share of around 23% worldwide.

PPRO’s Business Model

PPRO is an expert in local payment methods globally. We offer comprehensive solutions for LPM services so that Payment Service Providers can focus on delivering features to their merchants while at the same time offering a complete LPM portfolio.

PPRO enables payment service providers worldwide to offer their merchants the cross-border and  local payment methods consumers trust and want to use. We offer 150+ local payment methods on a global scale. We process, collect, reconcile, consolidate and pay out to merchants – all through a single contract, single integration and single platform.

PPRO services

We help you and your merchants achieve higher conversion rates, faster market penetration and greater consumer trust by optimising your payments portfolio and infrastructure.
We help your and your merchants’ grow faster, we increase efficiency by providing a vast range of services and we increase your and your merchant’s security and compliance.

On top of its industry-leading LPM portfolio, PPRO offers a vast range of value-added services to help payment service providers streamline and secure their systems, onboard merchants and payment methods faster, reduce exposure to risk, and help merchants optimise payments for higher success rates.

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Grow your own business and that of your merchants by offering a wide range of local payment methods.

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Focus on your business. We take care of the local payments part and many of the related payment services.

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We have the licensing and compliance aspects in place to help all parties stay secure during the payment process.

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