As commerce moves from a channel-centric to a more customer-centric model, personalisation and customisation are key for merchants. Payments play a central, enabling role in driving simpler, smarter and more customised experiences. 

Local payment methods such as bank transfers, e-wallets, cash-based digital payments and local cards are the dominant payment methods,  used in more than 70% of all online consumer transactions globally. International credit cards only have a global market share of around 23% . 

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Almost 70% of consumers have ended an online purchase because  the payment experience was unsatisfactory or the site did not offer them  their preferred payment method. Having a strong online presence and offering high-quality products and services is no guarantee of closing a sale. If consumers cannot pay the way they want to, they are likely to abandon the transaction and may never return. Payments play a central role in driving simpler, smarter and more customised experiences.

Offering consumers payment methods they know and trust is crucial to ecommerce success.

Greater personalisation and simplification of  the front-end creates greater complexity on the back-end. To deal with this, merchants need partners able to take care of increased payment complexity. The need for local payment expertise as well as a centralised, value-adding hub for payments has never been greater.

PPRO helps to make payments easier. We process, collect, reconcile, consolidate and pay out all on one contract, one integration and one platform.

PPRO services

Working with a PPRO payment partner gives you access to more than 150 local payment methods worldwide.
By offering consumers their preferred payment method at the checkout, merchants reduce cart abandonment rates and increase the chances of conversion.

Through payment service providers, PPRO also offers merchants a wide range of value-added services to help them
streamline and secure their payment systems, onboard new payment methods faster,
reduce exposure to risk, cut cart abandonments at checkout and increase conversion rates. 

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Grow your reach into new markets and increase conversion rates.

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Add more payment options, faster and with higher rates of consumer satisfaction.

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Process and collect funds securely worldwide with PPRO.

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