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From a global standpoint, no payment method is as readily accepted as the credit card when shopping online. But in many parts of Europe, Asia and Latin America other means of payment are king, with local payment methods (LPMs) – real-time bank transfers, e-wallets, cash-enabled payments, direct debit payments – being the norm. For merchants, offering the right mix of payment options is critical as it leads to higher conversion rates for any cross-border online shop. A merchant’s choice of acquirer, processor or PSP is increasingly being driven by the ever-expanding range of international payment methods available.

Do your customers know their giropay from their alipay?

Not everyone is in love with the credit card, and failure to provide local payment options can hit an e-merchant’s business where it hurts. Almost 50% of consumers may end a transaction if their preferred payment option is not available, resulting in a business that will suffer from low conversion and reach. Every country has its own preferences, whether it’s paying by online banking as Germany and Finland do, or the cash-based e-payments which are popular in Latin America. With around 43% of European e-commerce transactions currently being made by local methods, it’s essential that your merchants understand and implement what works locally. Providing a healthy mix of payment methods will help ensure their global e-commerce success.

Playing by the rules

Understanding is easy. However, offering local payment methods is much more than just signing up a payment scheme. Differing rules and functionality, local legislation, regulation and process, contract negotiation, technical integration and maintenance might all make accessing these payment methods more challenging than you think.

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Almost 50% of consumers will end a transaction if their preferred payment option is not available.


By 2020 80% of cross- border e-commerce will use local payment methods.


Local Payment Methods as a percentage of cross border commerce in Central and Southern America, Asia Pacific & Western and Central Europe.




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