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Payment Service Providers no longer deal only with payments. They need to offer value added services tailored to their merchants’ needs in order to stay competitive in the market, such as International cards, POS terminals, Shopping cart integrations and may others. On top of that they also need to offer local payment methods (LPM) which is highly complex and time-consuming undertaking.

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Local payment methods such as bank transfers, e-wallets, cash-based digital payments and local cards are the dominant payment methods globally, used in more than 70% of all consumer transactions globally. International credit cards only have a market share of around 23% worldwide.


PPRO helps local payment methods to increase their reach and attract new consumer groups worldwide. We act as a multiplier and global collecting partner for all types of local payment methods – bank transfers, cash payments, e-wallets, mobile wallets and local cards.
Working with PPRO, you get access to the leading payment service providers worldwide. Our experts will help you integrate with clients across the payment value chain, letting you grow fast and maximise consumer uptake.

PPRO services

On top of expanded market access, PPRO offers a range of value-added services to help LPMs streamline and secure their systems,
reduce exposure to risk, and provide a seamless customer service to merchants and consumers.

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Reduce risk and exposure to fraud, money laundering and other legal and compliance

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