PPRO Group takes on eCommerce Expo, London


We had a very busy day at London’s eCommerce Expo this month. During my attendance to represent the company, not only did I do the honours of presenting to a room full of industry experts, I also had the chance to facilitate a selection of one-to-one press briefings with key UK journalists at the conference, engaging in conversations on the current payment issues faced by businesses that want to go global.

After a lot of preparation, my presentation was a success with all in the Payment and Security theatre. I focused mainly on meeting the challenge of international eCommerce and how in order to do this, the nature of payment cultures worldwide needs to be understood. I wanted to make it clear to my audience that recognising the individual nature of national payment cultures is key when looking to expand globally and also gave advice on how to choose the right payment partner to work with – as I believe this can make the process much easier for a business.

To help the audience better understand, I outlined payment preferences in different countries in Europe, and also those used in Brazil and Thailand to paint a picture of the sheer size of the global payments landscape. This clearly captivated the attention of my audience as some attendees hung back following the presentation to ask further questions.

In case you’re not aware, the eCommerce Expo is an annual conference which brings together everyone who’s anyone in the eCommerce industry, delivering specialist advice, products and services and thought leadership on all areas surrounding online retail. The Expo gives industry experts a chance to present to industry players, journalists and the general public.

This, I believe, along with the top tier press briefings, is helping to place the PPRO Group as an authority on international payments in front of those who are really in the know and those who need to be in the know.. We hope to see more events like this in the future and I would certainly be keen to attend!