PPRO at Cpp Con


What do PPRO’s servers have in common with your favorite Web Browsers, Search Engines, Office Applications, Games, many Apps and the Mars Rover’s control software? They are written in C++.

Software giants, game developers, banks, the payment industry and many others followed the invitation of the C++ Foundation. Close to 600 C++ experts, authors, teachers and students from all over the globe met at Bellevue, Washington, USA, at CppCon 2014, the world’s largest conference for modern C++. It was absolutely fascinating to meet legendary coders, language gurus and rising stars. Even Bjarne Stroustrup, who invented C++ back in 1979, appeared at the conference. He is very pleasant to talk to.

I was invited to present sqlpp1, a cutting edge SQL library for C++11 that enables the compiler to understand and verify SQL database queries. By using sqlpp11 a whole class of potential errors in database programming can be found at compile time, long before they enter the test phase or even production. This increases security and data integrity at PPRO and in projects all over the world.

In addition to receiving very positive feedback from experts of different industries, sqlpp11 has also caught the attention of researchers, who want to use the library as test case for advanced integrated development environments and new language features. In total, the five days at CppCon were very reassuring with respect to our modern use of C++. It also gave lots of new impulses to further improve coding styles and tools.