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Navigating the Swiss e-commerce landscape: unlocking the potential of TWINT


By Adrian Burgess, Head of Payment Partnerships, EMEA at PPRO

E-commerce has been on a meteoric rise in Switzerland, reshaping the way the Swiss shop and pay for their goods online. With a strong market, growing consumer confidence, and innovative payment solutions like TWINT, the Swiss e-commerce landscape is evolving rapidly. In this blog, we’ll explore the dynamics of the Swiss e-commerce market, the growing popularity of TWINT, and how businesses can leverage this payment method to tap into Switzerland’s e-commerce boom.

E-commerce in Switzerland: a thriving landscape

In 2020, e-commerce purchases represented a modest 9%1 of all retail sales in the country. Fast forward to today, and that figure has surged to 14%, demonstrating a clear shift in consumer behaviour. This surge highlights the increasing preference among Swiss consumers for the convenience and variety that online shopping offers.

In terms of market value, the Swiss e-commerce market is currently worth a staggering US$14 billion in 2023. What’s even more impressive is that this figure is projected to reach a remarkable US$22 billion by 2027, indicating significant growth opportunities for businesses in this sector.

Payment preferences in Swiss e-commerce

While cards are popular worldwide, the Swiss have their own unique approach when it comes to online payments. In fact, only 35% of online purchases are paid for with cards, showing a preference for alternative digital payment methods. Swiss consumers opt for a diverse range of digital payment options, reflecting their readiness to embrace new payment technology.

One of the standout players in the Swiss payment landscape is TWINT. This homegrown mobile payment app has gained huge popularity and is poised to reshape the way Swiss consumers transact online.

TWINT: Switzerland’s payment powerhouse

TWINT has emerged as a household name in Switzerland, with a staggering 98%2 of the Swiss population being familiar with this payment method. It’s not just about recognition; TWINT boasts over 5 million active users, making it a dominant force in the Swiss payment ecosystem.

What truly sets TWINT apart is its market share in mobile payments. Approximately 64% of all mobile payment transactions in Switzerland are carried out using TWINT states ZHAW + HSG Swiss Payment Monitor 2023, emphasising its widespread acceptance among consumers. This high adoption rate is not limited to the online space alone; in fact, it extends to brick-and-mortar stores, with 77% of them accepting TWINT as a payment method.
Similarly, in the realm of online stores, 76% of them have integrated TWINT into their payment options.

The TWINT advantage for businesses

For businesses operating in the Swiss e-commerce landscape, TWINT represents a significant growth opportunity. The average online shopper in Switzerland already spends US$1,6573 with e-commerce merchants annually and with the forecasted continuous growth, this figure is expected to climb to US$2,458 by 2027. Therefore, businesses that offer TWINT as a payment method can tap into this lucrative market and potentially increase their

Furthermore, almost 70% of Swiss shoppers have bought products from merchants based in other countries, which shows how much the Swiss like to shop internationally. Businesses accepting TWINT can facilitate seamless cross-border transactions, making it easier for them to expand their reach and cater to a broader customer base.

PPRO: Enabling faster access to TWINT

In conclusion, the Swiss e-commerce landscape is thriving, with remarkable growth in market value and a shift in consumer preferences toward digital payment methods like TWINT. This presents a golden opportunity for businesses to capitalise on this evolving market, broaden their customer base, and increase revenue. As the Swiss e-commerce market continues to expand, embracing TWINT as a payment method could be the key to unlocking success in this dynamic landscape. To harness it’s full potential businesses can turn to PPRO, which can enable faster access to TWINT for Payment Service Providers
(PSPs) and their merchants across the region.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity – reach out to PPRO’s experts for more information on how to tap into the vast potential of Switzerland’s e-commerce ecosystem.


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