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Payment methods in Israel

Here are the top takeaways you need to know about the Israeli e-commerce market:

  • Each year, the average Israeli online shopper spends US$762 with e-commerce merchants, rising to US$1,022 by 2027.
  • Israelis pay for almost a third of all online transactions using digital payment methods, with e-wallets the overwhelming favorite.
  • Online shoppers in Israel complete almost 40% of their e-commerce purchases using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • Almost 10% of all retail purchases in Israel are made online, a figure that has remained constant over the last few years.
  • The Israeli e-commerce market is worth US$7 billion today. By 2027, it will have grown in value to US$11 billion.
Online Population
B2C E-commerce
Banked Population
Credit Card Population
E-commerce of Total Retail

Payment Method Breakdown

  • Card 71%
  • Cash 0%
  • Bank Transfer 1%
  • E-Wallet 26%
  • Other 2%
[{"label":"Card","value":"71"},{"label":"Cash","value":"0"},{"label":"Bank Transfer","value":"1"},{"label":"E-Wallet","value":"26"},{"label":"Other","value":"2"}]

Card Scheme Breakdown

  • Visa 37%
  • Mastercard 26%
  • American Express 6%
  • Local schemes 16%
  • Other 15%
[{"label":"Visa","value":"37"},{"label":"Mastercard","value":"26"},{"label":"American Express","value":"6"},{"label":"Local schemes","value":"16"},{"label":"Other","value":"15"}]

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