Avoid the complexities of onboarding merchants.

Scale up your merchants’
offering with minimal effort

We’ll provide you with the support you need to onboard your merchants, take them to market faster, and scale up their offering.

And with the help of our fraud-assessment measures and other checks tailored to your business model, we’ll work with you to assess and minimise the risks of taking on new merchants and payment methods.

What you’ll get out of Onboard

One contract
The features
  • Contractual provisions to suit your business

The benefits
  • Enjoy contractual flexibility 
Unified merchant boarding
The features
  • Scalable boarding options: API-based, self-service, or full service

The benefits
  • Merchant onboarding to suit your business model and needs
  • Avoid the complexities of merchant onboarding
  • Get your merchants to market faster
Risk management
The features
  • Payment scheme compliance checks
  • Merchant risk and fraud assessment

The benefits
  • Minimise potential merchant fraud and losses
  • Manages regulatory risks so you don’t have to
Payments white labelling
The features
  • White-label checkout UI for hosted payment pages
  • White-label credit transfers with vIBANs (virtual international bank account numbers)

The benefits
  • Increase consumer trust by enhancing the checkout UX
  • Boost conversion rates by improving the UX
  • Reduce chargebacks and dispute rates, as consumers can identify payment details in statements with ease

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Consolidate multiple collections and reconciliations into a single format.

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across borders and locally with your PPRO-powered payment methods.

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