Harmonise your platform with service orchestration

Is your product stack in need of a little harmony? Then say hello to service orchestration.

What is service orchestration?

Multiple products. Different providers. That’s what you’ll find under the hood of any payment service provider.

Normally, that would be a recipe for technical – and financial – chaos.

But that’s where we come in.

Our infrastructure is powered by an orchestration layer that unites hundreds of payment, risk, and other pivotal integrations from dozens of APIs; and then lets you activate and configure them from one interface. But that’s not the best part.

We deploy smart routing to automatically direct pre- and post-transaction processes and data to the right products for the task.

IT professionals call it interoperability. We call it service orchestration.

Because it lets you deploy, control, and scale all your services through one connection.

The features

Explore our orchestration layer

The interface

Our white-label interface lets you deploy and add hundreds of payment, finance, fraud, and other products from dozens of providers.

That means you can assemble, iterate, and scale your services quickly and easily.

The smart routing

We deploy smart routing to automatically direct pre- and post-transaction processes and data to the right product(s).

By “processes” we mean everything from transactions to processing a payment to fraud screening. And by “right product” we mean right for the criteria you set, whether that’s cost, compliance, or anything in between.

The bespoke bit

Create and edit rules in our easy-to-use no-code interface, choosing from a wide range of criteria, including cost, transaction type, risk, and geographical relevance.

If you need further support, we’ll help you define and set up routing rules tailored to your particular needs.

The benefits

What you’ll get out of it

An established infrastructure

“Orchestration” is the latest buzzword in fintech. But our orchestration is already up and running, helping the likes of Bank of New Zealand and Asian super app Grab deploy their services faster.

Smart routing. Better outcomes.

With smart routing seamlessly guiding processes from product to product, you’ll see a reduction in the delays and failures common in platforms built on disparate systems.

More time to innovate

By harmonising your back-end processes and product stack, your tech team can spend less time fixing things and more time innovating your platform and focusing on your core business.

Deeper data and insights

Thanks to its intuitive smart routing, our orchestration layer will aggregate crucial data across your products and services, giving you deeper, richer real-time analytics.

Merchant acquiring
just got an upgrade

Deploy, iterate, and scale end-to-end acquiring services like never before with the help of our orchestration layer.

Existing acquirers

Swap multiple APIs for our unified, end-to-end infrastructure.

Prospective acquirers

Add acquiring to your platform quickly and seamlessly.

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