Security Services for Payment Service Providers

PPRO services cover four core business areas in the local payment space: processing, collecting, contracting and data & knowledge. Everything we do is designed to increase a PSP’s security and compliance – and that of their merchants.


  • Transaction compliance
    We ensure our transactions  are compliant with global and local regulations. Our partners can be confident that all transactions processed with us are secured against money laundering and other non-compliant activities.
  • Chargeback and dispute handling
    We support our partners and their merchants with handling of chargebacks and disputes.


  • Compliant boarding
    Every merchant boarded with us will run through KYC (know your customer) and PEP (politically exposed person) screening and will be checked against scheme and market regulations, ensuring our partners compliance in the boarding process.


  • Reconciled payments
    For each successful transaction we settle exactly the correct amount to our partners. Missing and exceeding funds, over- and underpayments are detected and corrected by us.

Knowledge & Data

  • Regulatory updates
    We closely monitor markets and regulators and provide early updates on regulatory changes to our partners to give time for preparation and action.
  • Regulatory influencing
    Our active memberships in several payment associations and our strong links into many governing bodies allow us to influence the regulations and standards of the future in our partners advantage.