Security Services for Merchants

  • PPRO has all the licensing, compliance and security expertise and capabilities  required
    to process and collect worldwide.
    We help all parties stay secure when paying online.


    • LPMs less prone to fraud
      By offering LPMs merchants automatically reduce the risk of fraud
      since bank transfers, e-wallets and online cash payments are less prone to fraud than conventional credit card payments


    • Reconciled payments
      For each successful transaction we settle exactly the correct amount to our partners.
      Missing and  exceeding funds, over- and underpayments are detected and corrected by PPRO.


    • Transaction compliance

      PPRO  ensures that transactions are  compliant with global and local regulations.
      Our partners can be confident that all transactions processed with us are secured against money laundering and other non-compliant activities.


    • Chargeback and dispute handling
      We support our partners and their merchants in the  handling of chargebacks and disputes.