Aura is a local Brazilian credit card and is one of the most popular online card payment methods in Brazil along with HiperCard and Elo. As well as enabling standard one-click online payments, Aura also allows consumers to pay in instalments. The merchant is paid instantly, but the customer can choose to pay via Aura in 3, 6, 9 or 12 instalments. The card also enables recurring online payments.

Other local payment cards in Brazil include UnionPay, Cabal and Cencosud.

The benefits of supporting local card schemes in Brazil

  1. Brazilians use cards in 55% of transactions. But 75% of all cards in circulation in Brazil are issued by local schemes (PPRO).
  2. Between 2020 and 2025, the value of the Brazilian e-commerce market is forecast to grow by around US$8 billion (PPRO).
  3. Seventy-one percent of Brazilians have already shopped cross-border, indicating a willingness to try new merchants and shopping experiences (PPRO).

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Type Local payment card
Company behind LPM Aura
Market relevance Medium

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