Almacenes Éxito

Almacenes Éxito is one of Colombia’s leading convenience stores. As well as selling groceries and other items, it also accepts cash payments for online purchases. At checkout, the customer selects the name of the store as the payment method, prints the voucher containing the payment number and takes this to the store on the same day. They then make payment over the counter with cash. The system takes between 24 and 36 hours to send payment. Once the merchant receives notification that payment has been made, the purchase is shipped.

Other cash-payment methods in Colombia include Efecty, Via Baloto and Carulla.

The benefits of supporting cash-payment in Colombia

  1. Over 50% of Colombians don’t have a bank account (PPRO). Any merchant aspiring to a high market penetration needs to support Colombia’s preferred payment methods.
  2. Colombians pay for 16% of online purchases, with an approximate value of US$1.6 billion, using cash-payment schemes (PPRO).
  3. Between 2020 and 2025, the value of the Colombian e-commerce market is set to increase from US$9 billion to US$17 billion (PPRO).

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