With 123, consumers in twelve countries can pay for online purchases using cash. When they get to the online checkout, consumers choose “123”. The merchant generates a unique code, which the consumer takes to an ATM or a participating convenience store. Once the consumer has paid over the counter, the e-commerce merchant releases their purchase for shipping.

By supporting 123, merchants can sell to customers who have a connection to the Internet — for instance through a smartphone — but who don’t have a bank account. And if the customer does have a bank account, he or she can use 123 as a bank-transfer app, paying for online purchases in just a few clicks.

Other cash-payment and bank-transfer applications operating in Southeast Asia and Australasia include GoPay, GrabPay, Alfamart and DOKU.

The benefits of cash-payment and bank transfer in Southeast Asia and Australasia

  1. Reach up to 457,000,000 unbanked consumers in the region
  2. Let new customers pay at their bank or favourite, and trusted, kiosks and stores.
  3. Overcome customer reservations in cultures which trust cash over other payment types.

Find out today how PPRO can help you integrate cash and bank-transfer payment methods for Southeast Asia and Australasia.

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Type Bank transfer, Cash
Company behind LPM 2C2P
Channels Online
Market share details 320,000 locations in SE Asia

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